A Science Park, also known as a Research Park, a Technology Park or a Technopolis is an establishment geared towards innovating technologies and industries on a business footing, by incorporating the strengths across Education, R&D and Production.

The concept of science parks first emerged in the 1950s, with the Silicon Valley being the first of its kind. These parks reduce overhead costs for the hosting companies by providing several shared facilities including UPS, telecom hubs, security, restaurants, banks, convention centres, parking, transportation, entertainment, recreation and sports complexes, etc.

Vittal Innovation City (VIC) is designed to be different from other developer-led projects. The soul of our project is innovation that will be the driver for next engine of growth for the country. The infrastructure and programs at the park are geared towards seamless integration of academia, industry and community to attract the top global talent for innovation. The eco-system created by our project will help small and medium companies build scale and access to global markets. An integrated eco-system will provide support right from design to manufacturing for Electronics and Aerospace & Defence Industry. Our cluster will pioneer an Innovation institution for education and research, which will be based on global benchmarks like ITRI of Taiwan. The project drives inspiration to better the current models of science parks in the world like Hscinhu in Taiwan, Hiedelberg in Germany, Sofia Antipolis in France.