Vittal Innovation City (VIC) would like to make a pioneering effort in the collaboration of Academia (Education & Research) and the industry. This will create a constant funnel for innovation, where ideas are evaluated, researched, prototyped, manufactured, tested and brought to the market.

 The "Human Factor" will distinguish VIC world as a landmark of science, invention, innovation and research. It will focus on building an international environment, and creating an international community. This means taking into account and improve people interaction, networking and cross fertilization of ideas. The concept is that bringing together people from different intellectual horizons and "making" them meet, would bring added value and generate innovation.

Benefits of Collaborative Research at Vittal Innovation City

Innovation based structure offers an environment where companies feel encouraged to leverage their existing infrastructure and resources to maximize support for businesses. The key areas that become the focus are product management, design, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, IP protection, marketing and global market access. As these activities increase, business organizations become closer to take advantage of this structure in the process attracting more organizations.

VIC plans to invest in programs and infrastructure to drive innovation like innovation university, convention centres, training facilities, world class product testing labs and common design facilities/studios. VIC also plans to make available a network of professionals who will bring together skill sets in high-tech, IP safeguards, consulting, global alliances for marketing of products, innovation awards, product management training among others.