VIC is just a 50 minutes drive from Bangalore International Airport, providing convenience and benefits of Bangalore and cost advantage of Andhra Pradesh
 Bangalore is the IT capital of India, and if the home to companies in sectors like electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food processing etc.
According to the United Nation's Human Development Report – 2000 Bangalore stands fourth among the leading ‘Global Hub of Technological Innovation’. Business Week has placed Bangalore among the ‘Global Hot Spots’ of the 21st Century. In year 1998 News Week magazine has ranked Bangalore among the world's ‘Hottest Tech Cities’.

Bangalore the top hi-tech a city of the world has population of 5.54 million spread over 530 There are nearly 1000 IT companies including more than 150 multinational giants, such as Huawei Technologies, Toyota Kirloskar, Oracle, Intel, Infosys, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, General Motors, General Electric, Volvo, SAP Labs operating in Bangalore. These companies are employing over a hundred thousand professionals.

Other Key Highlights:

• Bangalore has a growth rate of 21%
• It is known as the India’s Silicon Valley. It contributes 33% of IT exports
• The District is ranked as one of the top Five Technology Clusters in the world
• The district has the potential to become a Research and Development Hub
• Bangalore is classified as the Innovation Cluster by Word Economic Forum.
• Bangalore the most cosmopolitan city of India is the best place to ‘live and work’.
• It is becoming a ‘Medical Hub’ due to the presence of World’s largest ‘healing center’ and ‘telemedicine center’.
• It is 3rd largest hub for high net worth individuals: There are nearly 10,000 millionaires with an investable surplus of USD1.15 mn.
• The presence of HAL headquarter and R&D center, National Aerospace Laboratories and several flying clubs has made Bangalore a aviation cluster of India

Bangalore has been a renowned centre of learning, with many famous professional colleges, high schools, colleges and universities

• There are 4158 schools
• There are 55 polytechnics in the District
• There are 66 engineering colleges in the district
• 9 Universities

Some prominent institutes are:

1. Indian Institute of Science
2. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
3. Indian Institute of Information Technology
4. National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences
5. National Law School of India University
6. National Institute of Design
7. Indian Statistical Institute8. A host of reputed Engineering Colleges and Medical Colleges

The weather of Bangalore is very pleasant. It is situated at an altitude of 919m with 40% green cover area. It has rainfall of 89cm.