The conception of Vittal Innovation City (VIC) was inspired by the success of Science Parks and High Technology Innovation Clusters like Silicon Valley in the USA, Hsinchu in Taiwan, and Daedok Innopolis in South Korea that were aimed at driving innovative competitiveness of the national economy.
VIC is a project under the chairmanship of Shri N. Vittal, the enabler of the IT and Telecom revolution in India. The project was conceived and inspired by EMPI Vittal Centre for Management and Governance Informatics which was inaugurated by Shri N.R Narayana Murthy in June 2005 to bring together industry, academia and government on a common platform to generate innovative solutions. It was Mr. Pankaj Saran who took the task to develop the concept under Mr. Vittal's leadership. India has had a number of initiatives to develop on the other elements like industry, institutions or a community, but none that integrates all.
Thus, after rigorous study of international models it was decided to adapt a hybrid SEZ (Special Economic Zone) and DTA (Domestic Tariff Area) model as a cross-resourcing platform to develop a new planned innovation eco-system for India. The state of Andhra Pradesh was chosen because of its enlightened and dynamic leadership, proactive Government and the enterprise spirit of the people to set up the project.